21Years21Stories – Life’s A Beach 2017-2018

This year, Black Country Touring is turning 21 years old! To celebrate, we’re sharing lots of stories and memories about the work we have done over the past 21 years. #21Years21Stories
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This memory came from Vimal Korpal, one of BCT’s regular performers and Elvis Impersonator. 

Life’s a Beach… It’s satisfying.

It’s always great performing as Elvis the Bingo caller. As a performer you learn to deal with most things, the audience interacting with you, malfunction of props even seeing your mother shed tears whilst you perform – That’s tears of pride just in case you were thinking any different.

I remember when we were in Skegness and were at the pivotal moment in the play, the audience were feeling the tension, when suddenly a mobile phone goes off, without thinking twice an audience member answers it loudly, clearly and proudly for all to hear. ‘Oh hello mum, yeah I’m playing bingo with Elvis in his caravan, I need two more numbers and I’ll win, think its the ipad, you okay, yeah everyone’s ok, i’ll be back for tea later!’ I did that thing – smile! I acknowledged her and asked ‘mum ok?’ And make it part of the act. You know she’s enjoyed the show when she comes back to watch it with her family 4 times knowing exactly the same things happen again! Thats Satisfying!

But when you have Deb the producer running over to you before a show and says you’ve got people who’ve come to see Elvis, and I say ‘yeah I know I am Elvis!’ and she says ‘yes, they’ve come to hear you sing’…..That’s when panic sets in! Err that’s not in my contract. You see them approaching through the slight gap in the door. Oh no they are wearing jackets with collars, long side burns the quiff, Elvis tattoos – Not tattoos of ME Elvis but Elvis Elvis, topped with ‘I love Elvis T shirts’. Then you perform and when you finish they come up to you with that suspicious minds look and take loads of selfies and say ‘we wasn’t expecting that but we loved it, thank you very much.’ That’s very satisfying.