21Years21Stories – Donna Clarkson

This year, Black Country Touring is turning 21 years old! To celebrate, we’re sharing lots of stories and memories about the work we have done over the past 21 years. #21Years21Stories
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This blog was written by Donna Clarkson, Business Admin Apprentice for Black Country Touring. 

Donna has known Black Country Touring for a long time, as her dad has been a Community Promoter as part of Dudley Deaf Theatre. Donna now works for the company, and is a fantastic member of our team. 

I first heard about Black Country Touring when I was about 12 or 13, my dad was and still is a promoter for Dudley Deaf Theatre. I remember helping him with making posters, and making Facebook posts.
After a few years I did a week work placement with BCT (this is when they were in the library), I remember being quite nervous as I wasn’t too sure what would be expected of me, however, I really enjoyed the week I spent with BCT and felt like a part of the team.
Who would’ve thought that during my A-Levels I would come back to do work experience for BCT, even though it was once a week I felt like the work I did actually had an impact and I felt like I gained more confidence. Once I finished my A-Levels I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse and became BCT’s apprentice, I started a Level 3 in Business Admin last year and am proud to say I have passed and I am now starting my Level 4 in Business Admin. I’ve really grown as a person since I started with BCT, I feel much more confident and I have gained so many useful and transferable skills!

One of my favourite memories of BCT was when my dad was promoting the show for Dudley Deaf Theatre, I remember watching it with my friends and feeling really proud that my dad was a part of promoting this show. I had a great time and so did my friends! Coffin Up was a great show and I will always remember that one of their props were a life sized coffin.

Back in 2016, I did a work placement with BCT whilst I was in Sixth Form. Here is the blog I wrote when I first started… you can really see how much I’ve developed since then!

“Hi, I’m Donna and I am currently doing a work placement at Black County Touring. I study english language and literature and sociology in sixth form. I chose to do work placement here for many reasons:
Firstly, I hope to gain and learn many new skills, specifically computer skills as I feel that I will benefit a lot from gaining more knowledge on computers as what I learn can be applied into daily life. Furthermore, learning in an environment away from my sixth form will really help me prepare for my future career as well as build my confidence to make the jump from sixth form to an apprenticeship or work. Linking to the world of work, doing work placement at BCT gives me experience I can add to my CV. Thirdly, I have done work experience with BCT when I was in year 10, I had a wonderful time and this has also inspired me to choose to do work placement BCT. Moreover, my father is a promoter for BCT and is the trustee for Dudley Deaf Theatre, meaning I have worked with BCT prior to my work placement.

I hope to gain many experiences from working here as my subjects at sixth form will help me in my work placement, English language and literature will greatly help me with writing and reading, helping me develop my writing skills when writing blog posts as well as helping me communicate with others. Secondly, I believe that sociology will help me work with people from a wide range of backgrounds and communities, as the study of sociology focuses on how people fit together to make society function. BCT work with many different communities and help bring them together, I believe studying sociology will help me access various communities that may typically isolate themselves.

By Donna Clarkson”