Artsmark Partnership Offer

Artsmark is the creative quality standard for schools and education settings, awarded by Arts Council England, recognising their commitment to high quality arts and cultural education.

Black Country Touring is proud to be supporting schools and education settings on their Artsmark journey, inspiring children and young people to create, experience, and participate in great arts and culture.

We offer education settings who are working towards, or currently hold an Artsmark Award, with the following opportunity:


Young Promoters Scheme:

‘Young Promoters’  (YP’s) brings quality, professional theatre and dance to local venues at a highly subsidised cost.

Since the year 2000, the scheme has given new experiences and important skills to local groups of young people aged 6-18. They get involved in every aspect of event promotion by promoting a professional performance in their own space, from choosing the show to selling homemade refreshments to the audience they’ve attracted in. For once, the young people get to make all the decisions – and do all the work

  • Applicable to: KS1 – 4  & Post 16
  • Art forms: Theatre & Dance
  • Where event will take place; At your school or another local venue if preferred.
  • Cost: The cost for a show varies depending on the show chosen. All shows are subsidised by BCT, the average cost is approx. £300 to a school, in addition to cost for the show this fee also includes; sessions with and support from BCT’s Young Promoter coordinator, specially designed log books, certificates and a Young Promoter t-shirt for each YP involved.
    NB: This cost is usually covered by the sale of tickets for the event and refreshments on the night.
  • We have a menu of shows available for promoters to book. BCT subsidise the cost of the show meaning ticket prices scan be kept low and affordable to the potential audience. The majority of YP groups make a profit from their events. 

How the offer links to curriculum (written by Jane, a teacher who has vast experience of being involved with Young Promoters):

Transferable Real Life Skills

Being a Young Promoter teaches and uses important life skills not always easy to teach through an often-restrictive National Curriculum.

  • Being organised
  • Communication
  • Making decisions
  • Real group work
  • Raising pertinent questions
  • Solving problems
  • Thinking creatively
  • Team work /leadership
  • Money management
  • Sharing decisions

The most important aspect, I feel, is that the youngsters involved are fully immersed in decision making right from the start – which show to promote? When to put it on? Where to hold the show? Start times? The price of tickets? The main element is that the children are in control. They decide. This ownership obviously brings with it a huge amount of pride. The show is theirs, they are in control, they feel grown up. Again difficult to do through routine school work. The skills the children will use, without being aware, are fully transferable into the wider world.

Some teachers may feel this is too time consuming and doesn’t link to the curriculum. In fact being a Young Promoter is the perfect vehicle to get young people engaged in literacy and numeracy skills by using a practical task to implement literacy and numeracy skills. So the practical aspects of the National Curriculum are put into a meaningful context and therefore become more valuable.

Learning outcomes; (this is also written by a Jane who has been involved with running a Young Promoters group for many years):The Young Promoter scheme is a project I have personally been involved with for a number of years. It is a most engaging way for young people to gain an insight into working in the arts particularly live theatre. It is also a brilliant platform to use literacy and numeracy skills taught at school in real life situations. Above all else the young people involved LOVE IT. The activities involved are memorable for the youngsters – they have real links with the curriculum but are done through team led tasks involving an abundance of leadership skills. The youngsters remember their experience of being a Young Promoter for many years to come – do they remember a literacy and numeracy lesson… I doubt it!

  • Required resources: A group of young people (max 30) and a dedicated group leader to work with the group and help guide them through the project from start to finish (approx. 6 months)



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To find out how Black Country Touring can support your Artsmark journey, contact Natalie –  Black Country Touring’s Young promoter Co-ordiantor. / 0121 533 7129

To read Jane’s full write up about Black Country Touring’s Young Promoters click here: Jane perks – Young Promoter Experience