A theatre festival of family friendly shows chosen and promoted by Black Country Touring’s Young Promoters.

B Black Country

B Black Country, Theatre, Young Promoters

B Bold, B Bright, B Bostin!

100 young people, 6 venues, 5 shows, 3 boroughs, 1 festival.


Since September 2017, six Young Promoter groups across the Black Country have been working incredibly hard. Made up of almost 150 young people, aged from 8 to 18, the groups are bringing you and their local communities six family friendly events in June 2018. This is all part of the second Young Promoter festival supported by BCT, this year proudly called ‘B Black Country’. It follows on from 2016’s ‘Big by Little’ festival.

All aspects of this festival have been chosen, promoted and organized by all of the young people involved in the festival.

The groups have worked together to come up with the name, worked closely with professional illustrator/designer Gareth Courage on the logo design, chosen the shows for the audiences they’re looking to attract, decided on ticket prices, start times and will be organising all of their marketing & publicity as well as running the front of house for all the events during the festival. Each event is an opportunity for the schools and colleges to fund-raise, so expect some fun activities at the shows!

This project has kindly been funded by the Youth Social Action Programme