Meet our new Graduate Intern Artists

We’ve partnered with the University of Wolverhampton to provide three of their Drama graduates the opportunity to work as shadow artists on our newest project, Back in 10.
The graduate interns will be working with four core artists in residence at the Black Country Living museum to create new multi-artform performances in response to research about the historical shops in the museum.

They’ll tell you more about themselves, in their own words!

Jon Rogers
Hi, I’m Jon, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Wednesbury in the Black Country, which is why I’m perfect for this project with Black Country Touring. I have just graduated from Wolverhampton university with a 1stclass honours degree in Drama. Although predominantly an actor, I do enjoy the research side of creating a new piece and I’m just as happy to sit back and watch something I have created, as I am to act in somebody else’s or my own piece. This is my first time working with Black Country Touring and me and a team of two other researchers are coming together to compile stories and memories sourced from people visiting the Black Country Museum. I love taking to people and finding out about their lives and their past, so interviewing people and trying to squeeze these stories out of them is right up my street!


Kayleigh Talbot

‘My name is Kayleigh Talbot and i am a graduate of The University of Wolverhampton leaving with a BA(HONS) in Drama. I consider myself a creative Actor and the University has supplied me with a wide range of abilities and skills that i believe i can apply to this project.
As graduate intern for Black Country Touring my main role, along with two others, is to research the history of the Black Country and the real stories of the Black Country Museums staff and vistors. As someone who is proud to have been born and raised in Smethwick, i am excited to be working on a project that is inflenced by the important history of the Black Country, a subject that is very close to my heart.
I am thrilled to be assising on such an exciting project with a wonderful company and artists. ‘


Sabrina Nabi

My name is Sabrina Nabi, I am a Drama graduate from the University of Wolverhampton. Although originally from Birmingham, I believe my outside view of the Black Country will be useful in this project. During the creative process it will be easy for me to bring out the culture of the Black Country from a different perspective. My hybridity of being British Pakistani, also draws me to take particular interest in delving into the history of migration within the Black Country and exploring the origin of how different cultures exist within the Black Country today. My job at Black Country Touring is being part of the research team, alongside two other graduates from the university, for their current project Back in 10, in partnership with the Black Country Living Museum. Our job is to uncover some incredible and special stories that lie within in the heart of the Black Country. We hope to bring light to the interesting history of the people from the Black Country and give some justice to their contribution to how the world works today.