Bandstand – A Digital Audio Performance (2013 – 2014)

Bandstand is a collection of digital audio performances for Bandstands delivered via a Smartphone App by The Other Way Works.

Bandstands invite an audience.

Lonely, empty stages standing ready at the centre of parks and squares.
They seem resonant with what used to happen there, and ripe with possibility. The Bandstand experiences invite you to inhabit these spaces afresh creating a new performance event which places you at the centre of the action.

Listen to the stories unfurl as you take a trip around the bandstand with this exclusive, intimate performance designed just for you.

And when you get close to the bandstand, the App loads a secret page as if by magic, and you press play to listen…

You can enjoy it whenever you like. It lasts around 20 minutes…

There’s a one-person experience at West Park (Wolverhampton) and Lightwoods Park (Bearwood), and a digital audio performance for two people to do together also at West Park.

Bandstand App from The Other Way Works on Vimeo.

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