Behna – Sisters (2010)

A sister is both a curse and a blessing

In the Cheema’s kitchen, it’s Ladies’ Sangeet Night. The guests are arriving. The bride’s having her mehndi done.  But in the kitchen sibling rivalry sizzles alongside the samosas…

This funny and moving play takes a look through the keyhole of a family home to reveal the secrets and rivalry of two generations of sisters. Come and watch the hidden drama of a family struggling with private jealousies and family secrets in the midst of public weddings, births and separations.

This co-production between Black Country TouringKali Theatre Company and Birmingham Repertory Theatre was written by Sonia Likhari. It was a story set in the kitchen of a family home, which unfolded as various parties took place in the rest of the house.

As it was set in a kitchen, we decided to stage it…in a kitchen. It had three runs, one in Birmingham, one in the Black Country and one in London – each time using an actual kitchen as its location.

It toured into members of the public’s homes, using their kitchen as the location and playing to an invited audience of family and friends, as well as being live streamed over the internet.

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