Community Cinema Coming to the Black Country. 

We are proud to present our Community Cinema offer here at Black Country Touring.

Community cinema offers the chance for people to get together with their neighbours, family and friends and build their own unique cinema experience. Screenings can take place anywhere and at a time and day to suit where the audience are at the heart of programming. Film facilitates a uniting social experience and can encourage debate, spark emotion and provide escapism.

We want you to become a Community Cinema Promoter!

We aim to:

  • Support individuals, groups and organisations set up cinemas/film clubs in their community.
  • Assist with programming, encouraging promoters to consider independent, British, foreign language, classic, accessible and specialist film.
  • Help to promote the cinemas and screenings and build an audience.
  • Provide equipment and a co-ordinator to help the cinemas get off the ground.


To become a Community Cinema Promoter, all you need is:

  • An enthusiasm to screen films to other people!
  • A space to screen films, it can be anywhere as long as it’s in the Black Country (we can help you with this).
  • A love of watching films and an eagerness to screen films to the public.
  • An audience (again, we can help you).


If you’re interested in becoming a Community Cinema Promoter please contact Olivia –

The Community Cinema programme is generously funded through the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema Fund, in partnership with Flatpack , and supported by Creative Black Country.

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