Eat! (2012 – 2014)

Feasting, fasting, famine and food for thought. A theatre performance in four caravans.

Eat! was a process that started with the collecting of people’s stories about food and ended with a performance in four caravans. The stories came from more than 30 interviews with people from across the Black Country and Birmingham, as well as contributions from across the globe via the web. In November 2012 in the hidden away canal side courtyard of an old pub, a show created from all that material, playing in four specially converted caravans.

The War Caravan:  “There is Food and there are friends but food is your best friend”
In the flickering lights of a book lined room one man shares stories from his boyhood, of the constant quest for food as he and his family struggle to survive a war.

The Wedding Caravan:  Maria “Loves to eat and eats to love”
She has been married six times, six different men from six different countries and six different culinary influences with a whole host of tasty stories to share.

The Theatre Caravan: “Ladies and gentleman, peel back your ears, open your eyes and hold onto your stomachs”
A beat boxing MC and his musical sidekick introduce the audience to their cabinet of curiosities in which they share some of their more unusual tales of food.

Shed / Food Bank Caravan:  Once upon a time…
There was Rashpal & there was Sofia, a food bank volunteer and an avid gardener. Both have a story to tell drawing you into their darker pasts of addiction and obsession.

Eat! was a co-production with Birmingham Rep.

After its run in Wolverhampton over May 2013 and performances at Birmingham 4Squares Weekender in September the same year, Eat! was available for touring in 2014. The caravans journeyed up and down the country visiting, Skegness, Blackburn and Holbeach in Lincolnshire, and an impressive 2300 audience passed through the caravan doors.

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Watch the promo video made by Youth Television in May 2013.

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