Occasionally We Skype (2015)

So much of who you are comes from where you are and what that allows you to be. Our father’s are brothers, and they are the same man.

Me and my cousin, we’re the same age, but we are completely different. 

I was brought up in the west, I have a career and I married a French chef. She still lives on a farm in the Punjab, where she’s a traditional wife and mother – and occasionally we Skype.

Occasionally we Skype was inspired by about 40 interviews with people of diverse backgrounds from the Black Country and Birmingham and a Radio 4 talk by performance poet Byron Vincent. These stories spoke of migration and translocation, of how where you are fundamentally alters who you are and what you can become.

Using contemporary Kathak dance, live music, spoken word, iphones, digital projection and theatre, Occasionally We Skype brings together the combined talents of Black Country Touring and the Sonia Sabri Company, with support of Wolverhampton Arena Theatre and Sampad in a unique and compelling new show.

This event was created as part of Alchemy Black Country 2015 that took place in May 2015


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