The Comedy Playhouse (2015) with Dudley Deaf Theatre

Presented by Dudley Deaf Theatre and Janice Connolly, supported by Black Country Touring

Dudley Deaf Theatre are dedicated to promoting inclusive theatre and comedy accessible to both Deaf and hearing communities.

The Comedy Playhouse began as a comedy course offering those who are Deaf, hard of hearing, and BSL (British Sign Language) speakers the opportunity to learn some comedic skills and develop a stand-up routine under the guidance of funny-woman Janice Connolly. Phoenix Nights regular Janice worked with participants for seven weeks with a team of BSL interpreters. The Result was a comedy showcase where all participants got the chance to try out their newly acquired skills alongside Mrs Barbara Nice (Janice Connolly) and deaf comedian Steve Day. The performance was open to all and enjoyed by both a Deaf and hearing audience.

Watch the video below showing some of the best bits from the evening. Future comedy courses and shows from Dudley Deaf Theatre are shown on our website and in our brochure, and are open and accessible to all.

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