Spotlight On A Promoter – Rob Bruce @ Dorothy Parkes Centre

Robert Bruce, CEO of Dorothy Parkes Centre, shares his experiences of becoming a new BCT Community Promoter in June 2018.

“There is a wide range of different activities here at Dorothy Parkes– language classes, baby ballet, older people’s social groups – but we weren’t doing anything in terms of theatre, hence why we wanted to work alongside Black Country Touring.

My very first week, I got in touch, we had a chat and took it from there.

I know theatre is popular, and going to the theatre now-a-days is quite an expensive day out. We just wanted to bring something a little bit different to the centre and community.

The first show we put on was Sidney’s Shed, it was about an allotment plot – small cast, three people, very musical. And it was just a nice little story which got all the kids laughing and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

We’ve been in talks about getting a film club. Going to the cinema now, I’ve got three kids and taking all them to the cinema – it’s not cheap. So it’s about giving the community that option. We don’t have the facilities and the storage to have all the equipment so for someone to take care of all that is great for us.

It’s about that extra element as well. I’ve heard of films where the kids make the cars beforehand and watch the film in the car like a drive-through cinema. There’s a lot a different ways that we can expand.

I’m not an expert in terms of the arts and that’s where the support from Black Country Touring is so valuable. It’s great for the community. The last one we had I think we sold 96 tickets and we had people talking about it, it was on the website, it was on social media. On the day, it’s great when you see how busy it gets and you hear the kids laughing – it brings families together.”