#VolunteersWeek – a thank you to our wonderful promoters.

Black Country Touring couldn’t, and certainly wouldn’t, exist without it’s invaluable volunteers.


We have wonderful volunteers at all levels of our organisation, but the lifeblood of BCT is our Community and Young promoters.

Black Country Touring are always deeply grateful to the Promoters for the work they do, and we are all in awe of their commitment to their communities.


So… what is a Black Country Touring Promoter?

Our Community Promoters are volunteers that are supported by Black Country Touring to bring high quality professional theatre and dance to local non-theatre spaces across the four boroughs of the Black Country. We have a massively diverse range of volunteer promoters and venues, all of whom share a goal… to make the arts more accessible to the people of the Black Country. Our Promoters give so much of their time and energy to provide their communities with fabulous events that wouldn’t normally happen in those areas.

Promoters have access to our list of available shows, and can choose any of they shows they think are right for their venue. Then, after some communication between BCT and the theatre/dance companies, the show is booked. Once the show is confirmed, it’s the job of the Promoter to talk with the theatre company to arrange anything else for the day – get in times, lighting, food etc. Our Promoters are also responsible for getting an audience to their shows, so they will do some marketing, create posters and spread the news throughout their local community. We also have our film Promoters, who do the same amazing work, but have film screenings instead of theatre/dance.

These events are very much designed and delivered by the Promoters, BCT are just there for support!


And the Young Promoters?

They pretty much do the exact same thing, they’re just all under 18! Young Promoter groups come from various places, including schools and colleges, church groups and youth centres. All of the groups have workshops about how to promote an event and are given lovely work booklets to help support them. Our Young Promoters are 100% the decision makers, and they really do all of the work! The groups work on four areas of the event, Stage Managers, Box Office, Marketing and Front of House. For the upcoming Young Promoters theatre festival, B Black Country, they were given a budget to spend, work with a professional designer to turn their ideas into a logo and have workshops with a local artist to create decorations for the event. Often, our Young Promoters come up with fundraising ideas for their schools, providing refreshments and games on the night of the show.

Black Country Touring’s Young Promoters are hopefully going to be the next generation of people working in the arts!